Journey Relaxed & Enjoyable

From the beginning of your treatment and extending to aftercare support, you will have exclusive and direct contact with our Treatment Coordinator at all times to ensure your implant journey is relaxed and enjoyable.

Treatment Planning

Having had your scan, Dr Power now have a comprehensive multi view of your bone structure and density, nerve location, adjacent teeth positioning, and we are able to measure anatomical structures such as sinus position that is essential in your pre-surgical treatment planning.

Clinical Consultation & Review of 3D scan

Dr PJ Power and our Treatment Coordinator will meet with you in an initial clinical consultation to review a 3D scan. With your scan, we will work with you to gather as much information about your current oral health to discuss your goal of implants.    

Understanding You

Beginning your implant treatment is understanding how we can achieve these goals with you. We offer optional, complimentary non clinical appointments with our Treatment Coordinator for additional information before your clinical consultation for additional information.

Consultation and Treatment Planning

  Your bespoke treatment plan is exclusively supported in Kinsale Dental by a highly trained multidynamic team. We aim to achieve your long term goals for restoring your smile and supporting you to achieve your best possible self.